Friday, December 12, 2008

Seeing The Big Red Man

The kids were SOOO excited to do their Christmas letters and meet Santa!
Of Course I helped the girls, but I let them tell me what they wanted to say. They're so precious.
Gracie has been asking for a camera that really takes pictures for MONTHS! She knew exactly what to tell Santa when she met him.
TaDa! No screamers this year! I talked to the kids and told him they would meat Santa, sit on his lap, and tell him what they wanted. So they weren't petrified and seemed to genuinely enjoy visiting with him. Maybe the authentic beard helped.
TJ wrote this himself. Not bad for a Preschooler who just turned 5. ...I'll translate

Dear Santa Thanks I want a Funkeys for Christmas. Have Cookies. Love TJ
Here's Faith telling Santa she wants to be a real Princess for Christmas. (Isn't that Halloween?) You already are a Princess baby girl!
At least she's consistent, a week later and she still wants to be a real real princess for Christmas! What a doll.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

We had so much fun decorating the Christmas tree this year. The kids have been asking to put it up since October, because they know that in Vernal snow means Christmas! Finally the big day came. They did such a good job decorating the tree.

Don't you love how kids decorate the tree? Ornaments 3 or 4 to a branch none more than 3 feet high. It's adorable!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Have you ever?...Given your husband petechial hemorrhaging?

Let me just start by saying he'd been watching Ultimate Fighting...which he loves. Then comes the all too familiar, "Come here honey I want to try something..."
Well the move is called a Triangle Choke and he had me do it 3 times.

The 1st time I won, by tap out no great feat since he starts by letting me get him in the choke hold. Then he tries to wiggle out without hitting me, or causing me damage. Since he's already choking when he starts...odds are sort of in my favor.

2nd time my neck got uncomfortable, and he didn't Immediately tap. So I gave up. "Why did you stop he asks?" So we do it again.

3rd time I win again (yea me!) he taps, and I notice his eyes don't look so good. Do you want to see petechial hemorrhaging he asks me?....So here it is for the world to see.
This was taken that night.
These are the next day. Poor baby.
Apparently, the point was to see what he could work through, and how long he could hang on before tapping out.
Who would want to do that? I asked him.
Who wouldn't want too? He asked me....that's my man.

Pic's from Thanksgiving

It took me a little while, but here are some pictures from Thanksgiving. Faithy's our little Princess, here she is sporting mommy's shoes, and Mary Kay lip gloss....cute baby girl.

Brother Chadwick & Berenice helped the little kids play kick ball, during ULTIMATE dodge ball....Sadly Faith still got creamed.

We all know that means he just got someone out and thoroughly enjoyed the whacking sound of ball on flesh.

Sadly I didn't get a close up of Elder Call & Elder Eaton together. But here's Elder Eaton in his sweet dodge ball get up.

Aww....looks like someone got out.
Sister Chadwick is an ANIMAL. Watch out boy's Krista has the ball!

Monday, December 1, 2008

A New Cell Phone WooHoo!

My dear sweet Brent usually never reads my blog unless I tell him there's something he needs to see. But guess who read my blog on his own yesterday? Then guess who told me to go buy a cell phone?! Thanks Baby! Merry Christmas to me? If you are thinking that sounds familiar, yes I also got a cell phone for my Birthday! Hopefully this one will make it past Valentines Day!

So now you can call me! I say you can call me because I probably have about 5% of the phone numbers I need written down. So if I need to know your number, please call me or email me so I can get it back in my cell phone were it belongs.
I'll be looking forward to hearing from you! ;D