Sunday, September 5, 2010

Remember July.... when it was warmish...

And we could wear t-shirts outside (some days)
And the wild iris's were blooming in the field by our house.... (yes that's an old airplane, now it's used for storage I believe.)

And the crab was plentiful .... very plentiful.

And we saved the world one beached starfish at a time...

And Brent said there were so many beached starfish that we couldn't make a difference.

But we said, "It made a difference to that one" as we through it into the sea.

And we sailed under the ship that got beached in a storm,

And we caught big humpy salmon, that were too foul to eat,

And for our 12th Wedding Anniversary Brent made me take the kids fishing for the humpy derby because he was at work.

And I was  mad because I've never had to go fishing by myself, and taking fish off the hooks is scary.

But I managed to get a nice big fish for each of the kids,  and nobody ended up getting hooked.

And Faith's fish took 4th place so she won a fishing pole, and I decided it was OK.

And Gracie decided she wanted her training wheels off (7/21/10)

So Dad made TJ take his off too, and TJ was surprised to find that he really didn't need them anymore just like Dad said.

And Faith said she wasn't ready to ride without her training wheels

And we told her she was right, so she got to keep hers on till next year.

And Faith left the land of 3 yr olds forever and said hello to the big 4.

And she had a fun party with all of her friends.

And when we celebrated with the family, she got even more presents.

And that made her really happy!

And she wore her birthday nightgown, and birthday hat and gloves.
And she looked into the camera and did all her best moves.  (see her face, she takes her princess moves very seriously)

And those were the fun things that we did, when it was still July.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The warmest day of summer...

Ready, Set...
Get me outta here!
Holy Crap that's Cold!!!
Gracie going for her little swim.. they only last in the water for abut 20 seconds but they sure think it's exciting!
Faith also loves the water, though not quite as much as Gracie.
Poor TJ, if you look close you can see the horror on his face that says it all.... I'm with you buddy.
TJ was the only kid smart enough to just stay out of the water, Brent (encouraged) him to take a little dip.  But like me, he really didn't want anything to do with it.
My best guess is that this was the warmest day of summer here in Unalakleet. (July 8th)  We went to the river to have a picnic and the approximation of some swimming. 
This proves that everyone in my family is tougher than me, cause I went in to my knees and it was so painfully cold that I ran right out. 
Gracie and Faith go in till they can't stand any more (20 seconds) then they would get out and stand on the beach till they dared get in again. 
Nothing like a warm summer day. :)