Monday, August 17, 2009

Ice and Sea Animals...

We took a day trip with Mom & Dad to Seward to visit the Sea Life Center and Exit Glacier. The kids enjoyed going last year, they were thrilled to get to go again.
The Puffins were really funny to watch. This little guy let Dad and the girls get right up close.

It just looks like blue sky...
It wasn't very warm, but it was nice to have the sun peek through the clouds. On the observation deck of the Sea Life Center.

Lot's of neat things to see.
This huge octopus was really active this visit. I think that means he was hungry, there's a video of him moving at the bottom.
Sea Lions are pretty flipping awesome. I think he might like looking at the kids, he would get really close each time he would swim by.

Aren't my parents cute! I caught them smooching just a little bit. They're still adorable after all these years!
After the SeaLife Center, we stopped and hiked up to Exit Glacier.
It is pretty neat to see a Glacier up close, and the hear the loud river of water running off of it.... pretty amazing.
So Much to see, so little time.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Doing The Tourist Thing in Kenai...

We got to take Mom and Dad to do some of the touristy things around Kenai. Our kids have been begging to come to this little wood carving place since we moved here. We figured this would be the perfect time to check it out.
I'm not sure if this chair is quite big enough...
Like two little growling bear cubs.
This is a real salmon!.... carving. :)
I know it looks sad... She REALLY wanted to ride on the little merry-go-round... over and over and over...
She could have gone all day!

He isn't nearly as handsome as my Dad.

Is it supposed to be biting him or kissing him...?
I wonder how many tourists have this exact same picture?

Visiting the Soldotna Visitors Center.
The stairway that leads down to the Kenai River.

Gracie with her little monkey on her back.
Swimming at the beach.... or as close as we get.

This summer has been really warm compared to last year. It's been nice.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just for the Halibut....

Mom took the kids so that Dad, Brent and I could take a Halibut Fishing Charter that our friends Hooky Charters booked for us.

Here's Dad checking out Homer, and the Captain Cook Inlet.

It was really foggy and Cloudy in Kenai. We were so excited to see a little bit of sunshine when we finally got into Homer.

Brent is READY to go fishing!

I just thought they were kind of cute checking out the docks together.

Inside the cabin of the Sizzler!, our illustrious fishing boat.

We really enjoyed the boat ride, we're all avid ocean lovers. (with just a little help from some Dramamine for me and Dad.)
Here they are again, looking so cute together. You'd almost think they were related. :)

My Dad with his perfect little dimple, and isn't the fishing hat so appropriate?

Getting ready to catch some Halibut!

Here you can see the 1st one my Dad brought up.

Reel Daddy Reel!

You can only keep 2 Halibut per day. But both Dad and Brent reeled in quite a few. I don't have great fishing skills, I definitely had the worst luck. I only threw one back. But they were so hard to reel in, by the time I would get one up to the boat I really felt like I deserved to keep it.

All of the Halibut were pretty small, only 12-15 lbs. Apparently we went to what they call a little "chicken hole" (You'd think it would be a halibut hole.... right?) So no trophy's but man it was fun. Everyone on the boat went home with 2. And they do taste better when they're a little smaller.

You've got to admit, that's a lot of Halibut.

We sure had a good time!