Sunday, November 29, 2009

Life is just so hard...

Isn't life so hard when the whole world conspires against you with horrible things like buttons and big heads?

At least she can still smile amidst all of that trauma!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

TJ's No Name Creek Kindergarten Play...

It was so fun to go to TJ's school and see this little play the Kindergartner's put on. I know all parents probably feel the same way, but we thought TJ stole the show.
This is TJ's I'm in front of an audience and I feel silly face.
This is another silly face he does in front of crowds, some of the people from our ward might recognize it. He's awfully cute.

We were so excited that Brent got to come in on his lunch break and see the play. He's such a good dad!
Gracie LOVES to take pictures... they're not very flattering, but she loves to take them. :)

Here are a couple of clips from the play, He's kind of cute!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween Night....

TJ rocking his Optimus Prime costume. (Thanks for the pictures Leaca!)
Gracie LOVED her angel costume. She's asked me a million questions about angels, and wanted to know if people would think she was a REAL angel. I sure think she is.
Faith was a beautiful little lady bug. (Though she's missing her wings) It's hard to stop for pictures when you're tearing into a piece of candy!
We didn't go to very many houses, but we made it to the Brenners. (They've been so good to us and to the kids.)
And of course we had to stop by the Youngs!

I love Halloween!

TJ's 6th Birthday!

TJ had his best 6th Birthday ever! His friends Garrett and Gabe came for a sleep over. TJ was SO excited!
Everyone enjoyed the the yummy Halloween cup cakes I... bought. (It's been a busy week.)
I tried really hard to dunk TJ's face in his, but he bested me. The other kids thought it was funny though, and after a series of monkey see monkey do events... We got these funny pictures.



TJ is the only one who wouldn't go for it. He's getting wise in his old age.
TJ tearing into his presents.
Dad missed most of the party, but we waited till he could come home to open presents and have cake. It was worth the wait to have him there.