Monday, June 27, 2011

June in Unalakleet

 Got Crab?
 Fresh crab is one of my favorite things about Unalakleet!
Very fresh... notice how he's holding a pencil in his claw.... he's still got some fight in him!
Crab vs. Faith.... crab wins every time.   She runs away from them screaming!
Log wars at the beach
 playing at the beach
time out at the beach
 pouting at the beach
 getting hugs at the beach
getting over it at the beach
 Something else I'll never see anywhere but Unalakleet.
Notice the little Eskimo boy riding in the boat, on the tractor, down the street.
Brent wants you to think this was a terrible day fishing (like 24 trout or something)  
Really they had a good time fishing with our friends the Egli's.   We do realize that this would be the worlds best fishing day in Utah.   But they really are junk fish here in Unalakleet.  Why eat trout when you can have salmon?

Mmmmm..... pizza sandwiches
I've been trying to let the kids to be a little more independent.  Faith was hungry so I told her to get a piece of bread and the jam and I would come help her.  

I go in and she has not jam but pizza sauce.  Brent thought it was funny and opened it up so she could smell that "yummy jam" surprisingly she said "mmmm! that smells good!"    I told her it was pizza sauce not jam.... but she still wanted it.   Now she has a new favorite sandwich.... pizza sauce sandwich.  That's one way to show your independence sweetie!
The house that Brent built...
Well it's a little log fort really.  He built it last year, but now the roof is missing.   So he's been taking his ax out and building it up again.   The kids think it's good fun. 

This is what happens when Gracie watches Ninja Warrior....

Almost there baby girl!

Happy Fathers Day!

On Father's Day we headed back out to work on the fort and spend some time at the beach.

Then we headed up into the hills to enjoy a world that is finally green and starting to flower. 
Unalakleet really is a beautiful place.
And I really have some beautiful girls.  Here they are getting flowers in their hair so they can look pretty for a picture.  (never mind the soot on their faces)
Awww.   They're adorable and the soot is oh so charming.
This is one of my favorites!

TJ is such a free spirit.  He's so uniquely expressive and full of life!

 I love this picture of Brent and me.   Father's Day isn't the only day I'm thankful for him.  I still remember that 13 year old girl who was so madly in love with him,  Now we've been married for almost 13 years and I love him so much more than I ever did!   He's such a wonderful husband and father.

Brent took these pictures of me and the girls and his future daughter.   Boy that's a whole lot of women in his life!

 King Salmon!   Brent is so excited to have caught his 1st King this year.... he's having a good year!    He went fishing with a buddy and they got these. 
 The next day he and TJ got this one. 

Brent hooked this King and TJ reeled it in.   TJ informed me that Dad's the best hooker ever.... in any other situation that comment would be offensive but in this case it's true.   TJ makes me laugh.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Brown bears in Unalakleet... (5/25/11)

One thing Brent really wanted to do before we leave Alaska, is get a brown bear.   He and TJ took the boat up river hunting and wouldn't you know....  

Brent was floating down the river, the bear was headed away up over the hill and Brent shot it from behind.  

Brent told TJ to stay in the boat while he tracked the bear that had run off into the trees.  About 5 minutes later Brent turns around and sees TJ standing in the trees looking lost... "What are you doing!!?" Brent asked, "I thought you I heard you call me."  TJ says... (Mom says YIKES! I may never let TJ go bear hunting again!)

Luckily Brent found the bear before the bear found TJ and they ended  up having a pretty good camping trip together.  

TJ had a blast too, he was really excited about getting to drive the boat.

Brent called me and told me to bring the 4-wheeler and pick them up.   When I got there he said, "Well I got a beaver!".....

Then he asked me to grab the bag under the tarp.... I picked up the tarp and see a bear looking at me.... I screamed.  ha ha ha he's so funny!

Well actually it was pretty funny once I recovered from my heart failure.  I thought this picture was funny too.  The Flying Wild Alaska crew was still renting our truck so we took the bear and camping gear home via 4-wheeler.

You just wouldn't see this driving down the street in Vernal.... but that's Unalakleet for you.