Thursday, May 26, 2011

What happens in April.... get's blogged in May.

 Just out on a little snow machine ride in April at 5 months pregnant.   As you can see we still had PLENTY of snow!


April Showers bring May flowers.... I don't think so...

I went to check TJ's teeth after brushing and I notice that he's got a couple of new little teeth poking up... TJ how did you miss that buddy?   4/11/11

I've never seen a little kid just not touch a loose tooth.  But TJ didn't want to have anything to do with trying to get his baby teeth out.   I checked them again on 4/19/11 and instead of being looser, they actually felt tighter.  I told Brent they had to come out, so he spent the night working on them and out they came.   His adult teeth are almost completely grown in already!  Here comes the tooth Fairy!

Unalakleet hills 4/19/11
 Ready for Easter
Can we paint the eggs yet? no. Can we paint the eggs yet? no.   Can we paint the eggs yet? no  Finally Brent got home and the kids were able to paint their Easter eggs!

Gracie looks pretty stinking excited!

 Easter Morning finally arrives.  Brent always has to work on Easter so we get up super early so to find eggs and baskets before he has to leave to work...

TJ got this Ripley's Believe it or Not boook.  He LOVED it, he didn't want to put it down to find eggs!

Almost there Faithy keep reaching!

Dad was really energetic, he nestled right down for a pre-work nap while the kids investigated their Easter bounty.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Aloha Hawaii.... Maui Trip March 3/24/11 - 3/31/11

Well if you know me, you know I LOVE Hawaii.
Brent and I were so excited to get to go on a trip to Maui with our good friends Brand & Jen.
The last time we went to Hawaii with them, Jen was pregnant.
This time it was my turn.   I thought my belly was huge... but now that it's almost 2 months later I realize I was still pretty tiny.

We had an awesome trip and had so much fun with Brant & Jen!
Don't you just love beaches where you can actually go swimming?
I'm posting this on May 16, and our beach is covered in sea ice.  We were so excited to be in the sun!
Welcome to the Jungle!

...that is a big belly!

A Room with a View
Our hotel room in Lahaina was awesome!  We were right on the beach and
snorkeling was awesome! 

The Sea turtles were one of our favorite things about this trip.
We saw so many of them! And the whales were breeding in the protected
water between Maui, Molokai and Lanai. So when you snorkel and free
dive you can hear the whales so loudly it sounds like they're right behind you.   It's amazing!

Jen got this awesome picture of a naturally occurring heart by the blow hole. 
How cool is that?

Aww!   Hawaii is very important to Brent and I because we spent the first happy years of our marriage there.   It's always fun for us to go back!

Brent and I loved this little local beach.  It really looks like the kind of place we would have frequented when we lived on Oahu.   Hopefully we'll be able to bring the kids here and just let them play to their hearts content!

Golfing 101...
Jen and I were very brave and went golfing with the guys.  

Honestly, I thought I would hate it... but I actually had a really good time even though I showed the least aptitude for it by far. 
I would actually love to go again sometime!
And afterward we enjoyed the hot tub and ping pong table back at our hotel... What a life! :)
Okay, I love this hat of Brant's!   He's been bald for as long as I've known him, but he got this awesome hat with spiky hair included.    It was awesomely hilarious!   He even got some laughs on the street.   For a tall guy, he's kind of hard to spot without his trademark bald head... we kept loosing him in the hair hat.

I love everything about snorkeling.   Jen was able to take these awesome underwater picture... so beautiful!

See the turtle hanging out below the shelf?

Aww... Sweet!

Oh Hawaii!... What's not to love?
Brant's other cool hat.... He surprised us at the airport by pulling this shower cap out of his pocket and putting it on his head.  "It was complimentary" he said... How could he not take it?   I was rolling, and so were the other people sitting around us in the airport.   It was a pretty sweet hat!

Brent and I getting in a few more laughs, and a few more pics with the airport statues.... Brent doesn't look like he's in the greatest mood.  I don't blame you Babe, I didn't want to leave Hawaii either!