Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hanging out at the beach in June...

Dad & TJ   June 13, 2010   The sea ice has almost melted.  We can't wait for it to melt off enough that the waves can come back!

It's so nice to be outside!

Kisses for Daddy

Brent's a crazy good at skipping rocks!

Beautiful sea and sky... even with huge ice chunks floating in it.

Beautiful Little Faith, even with a tear in her eye. 

All sorts of sea treasures...
But these kids are the greatest treasure of all!
Ohhhh Faith, she's so expressive, she makes me laugh.

Brent likes to take the chain saw down to the beach and build stuff out of the drift wood.  This is a little bench he mad for us to use as we cook hot dogs.
Don't you think he's just so handsome?

Bella, our pretty little blue eyed dog.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Unalakleet fishing and stuff.... 5/26/10

They're so cute running up the hill together, I have the sweetest kids.
Faith's first fish in UnalakleetYikes!  Brent scares me sometimes... but he got the hook unsnagged!

The dog who wouldn't die.  So Bella got sick... and was supposed to die.  But she just keeps being fine.  Heavenly Father must even love dogs enough to spare them sometimes, because the kids sure prayed hard!

Everyone loves a Barbie pole...
No I'm not kidding... EVERYONE loves the Barbie pole.  Brent even told me he wanted one, they're just so easy to fish with.  We catch tons of fish with them and both Brent and I love them... well I like the Princess pole better than Barbie but that's just me
Faith caught it... but she didn't want to hold it.

Unalakleet and the Sea Ice May 26, we were soooo ready for it to melt!

Brent doesn't know I'm blogging this.... (pics from 5/22/10)

Ok ... Yes I was the one who put it on him... but he let me take the picture!
Gracie actually owns the headband... she put it on herself.  :)