Sunday, April 11, 2010

March Madness Unalakleet Style

Spring comes at last to Unalakleet....  in theory at least.
3 kids and a dog riding on the back of a 4-wheeler. 

I had no idea how handy this 4-wheeler would be, but it's taken the place of the mini van nicely. :)  Faith fell asleep on the ride home, and she we just laid her down in the back and she slept all the way back.  (I have no clue how it was FREEZING)  

Here I am in Brent's seal and mink hat.  (If your offended, imagine walking to school in -20 degree weather with 40 mile winds blasting snow in your face...)  yes we've found we need warmer clothes up here.  The locals make a hats, gloves, and parkas, and the teach the kids how in their bilinqual class at school.  Never in my life did I believe I would live in a place where they would be necessary... Welcome to Unalakleet!
Poor Gracie's feet got so cold she ended upcrying! (Time to get better boots) It looks like fun but it's really cold up here, and the wind.! It blows so hard. You really can't dress warm enough.


Look at those blue eyes!
TJ and our little Bella
Brent looking handsome in his cold gear.
Ptarmagin ... alaska's chicken... that tastes like steak. TJ holding up some of the birds from the days hunting trip. 
This isn't pretty, but Brent is so excited that the kids aren't sqeamish and they take interest in hunting like he does.  This is a happy picture for him. (I always cry when he shoots things I'm such a softy)