Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fairy Princess Ballerinas...

Auntie Heather made the cute little tutu's. The girls have had so much fun playing and dancing in them.

I think Faith is in Fairy Princess Heaven.
Daddy loves Fairy Princess Ballerina's too.
They didn't want to take pictures anymore...but I bribed them with a cookie. This is how the smiles come out.

The Cutest rendition of ABC's ever...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Baby turns 31...

We celebrated Brent's birthday on Thursday. Brent isn't really a Birthday loving kinda guy, but he loved the presents I got for him off of his wish list. :) I'm such a good little wife.

We partied at home with the kids. Then we dropped them off and went on to dinner with Brant & Jen, topping the evening off with an action packed game of Settlers of Catan...
It was actually really fun, Brent was happy and what could be more important than that. Happy Birthday Baby!

"I WIsh I Had a Blow Torch"...

I don't like carrying birthday cakes anymore. (Refer to post DooDay cake fall down... July of 2008 for more info... :)
Brent did a fabulous job lighting his 31 candles so that we could sing to him.
He looks excited don't you think?

Saying Good-bye to Elder Eaton

This was a really sad day for us, it's hard to say good-bye to missionaries when they get transfered. Elder Eaton was here with Elder Bedke since we arrived in July. (That's a really long time to be in one area.) Elder Bedke got transfered last time, and sure enough Elder Eaton had to go this month.
The Elders have spent a lot of time with our family, and we've enjoyed Elder Eaton so much. He's been a blessing in our lives, and we'll always remember him and be thankful for that.

This is a spoof of Elder Eaton's Christmas card. In it Elder Eaton is gazing reflectively up at a 2nd image of himself in an 80's style portrait.
If you missed and are grasping to understand, think the glamour shots in Napolean Dynomite.... It's one of the greatest Christmas cards of all times, and we think it's hilarious!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Wrestling is ADORABLE!

Shoot Stance!
Square Stance!

TJ's 1st day of wrestling was AWESOME! It might be the cutest thing I've ever seen in my whole life. TJ is the smallest on the team. He did really good, showing off his push up skills (Thanks Dad for making him do 100 push-ups a day before he can play Nintendo.)
It was so fun to go as a family, with our friends the McCormicks and watch TJ & Gabe.
It was especially fun for me to watch Brent. He wrestled in High School and always felt like the only kid who didn't have anyone there to support him. He was tickled to take TJ to wrestling and sit and watch him. He even took him to registration and his 1st practice without me. He's such a good Dad. He loves his kids more than anything. We're so lucky! I feel so blessed to have him.