Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Camping in Alaska

Our good friends invited us to go camping with them. I have to say, I'm a nervous camper. (It's the whole bear thing.) We had a great time though, to my relief and Brent's dismay, there were no bears to be seen.

Doesn't Faith look cute in her little piglet ears? Don't tell her she's piglet though, she thinks she's a rabbit.
Gracie had a blast swimming and playing with her good friend Morgyn.
This is our little camping spot. Notice the clothes hanging everywhere.
We must really be Alaskans now, because we went swimming. Even I got in the water this time. I thought I would try to swim across the lake.... Yeah right! It was way too cold. I haven't been in Alaska for that long. I made it 1/2 way then turned around... (you know the whole hypothermia thing.)
Brent made it across and back though. He's such a manly man, it's like he was meant to live here.
Our Friends Becky and Sage.
They were awfully nice to share their camper with us. Bears aren't nearly as scary when you're inside!
TJ made the only catch of the trip. This monstrous trout... However did we eat it all? Of course he was extremely proud, it's his first fish this year.
Gracie and Morgyn with their mud soup.
Gracie LOVES the water, she swam and swam. Well more like dipped and dipped. Mostly just legs. :)
Apparently TJ doesn't love frigid water. He spent most of the time finding his own special places and games to play, with his buddy Gabe.
Faith is just happy and excited to be doing whatever it is that she's doing. She's pretty stinkin cute!
What kid doesn't love making mud soup?
Zip shoes make TJ run Super Fast!
Cleaning them is not as fun as catching them.