Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas at Temple Square... in Utah... Woohoo!

The kids and I were so excited to finally get to Utah.  We had a good flight (except for a few escalator episodes one resulting in Faith falling and cutting her head... sad. )
My Mom & Dad, brother Aaron with his family, and my little sister Moriann all met us at the airport.
Then we went to Temple Square to see the lights, the temple and of course the Christas.

This was the 1st time the kids have seen the Salt Lake Temple and temple square.  It's the 1st time I've been able to come and see the Christmas lights.  Of course it was a beautiful at night.

This is Carly's favorite tree on temple square.  Isn't my family lovely?!!!

The Joseph Smith Memorial building.   People who live in Utah are so lucky.  So much heritage so close.  It was so wonderful to go and see everything.

Adon, Grandpa and of course my little Faith.

A beautiful nativity on the reflecting pool outside the temple.

My little brother Aaron,  with his wife Carly, Adon & Collin.

We had such a wonderful time, and it was such a blessing to be here.  I just wish Brent could have been with us.   We miss him so much already!

The 1st of 2 Christmas's

We're celebrating Christmas twice this year.  The 1st with Dad before we go to Utah to visit family.
The kids thought they were getting a pretty sweet deal... Can't say that I blame them.  There's just something so nice about celebrating the birth of the Jesus with the people you love best.

Sledding Pajamas

My girls love Pajamas that zip, so they can go sledding down the stairs.  Here they are ready to go sledding!  Hope they have a fun ride.