Sunday, September 27, 2009

Holy Sink full of Salmon Batman!!!

Ok, once again I'm excruciatingly late getting this done, so I thought I would do all of our good salmon pictures in one fell swoop.
This year was definitely more productive salmon fishing than last year.

Brent was quite happy when the fishing was like this!

The kids wanted to go soooo bad... but combat fishing is a little intense for kiddos.
I wanted to go really bad too... but unfortunately someone still has to stay with the kiddos...
This was an even better fishing day. Brent caught our family limit of salmon by dip net in one day. 65 salmon total. That's a lot of fish...
Next year I'm going to demand that I get to go at least once before he catches our entire allotment by boat. I know there's a salmon out there with my name on it!... Next year I guess
Brent and my Dad makeing our salmon eggs into next years bait... Yummy!

I love to see the Temple -A dream come true.

I'm very far behind in my blogging, but I've been wanting to finish a few highlights from my parents trip in July.
The crowning moment for me was having my parents there at the temple with me when I was able to go through and receive my endowment.
I've been waiting my entire life to be able to go. And the time finally seemed right for me.
My Dad barely made it, due to heavy construction on the way to Anchorage from Kenai. Miraculously, and very unusually, the temple session was late getting started. My Dad just barely made in time. It was a sweet example of Heavenly Father's tender mercies, as he answered our heart felt prayers that Dad could be there with us.
Brent who is always so supportive, had the kids dressed in their church clothes and waited outside with them during the session.
Bishop Ellis is one of Brent's best friends, it was a blessing that he and Jen could be their with us.
Rusty Young and Sydney Prinz were so sweet to drive all the way out from Kenai, so they could take care of Jen and Adelle's babies while they went through the temple with me.
I was very touched by their sweet sacrifice.
This is my good friend Adelle who came to be with me.

I'm still looking forward with hope to the day that Brent and the kids will be able to go to the temple with me and our family will be sealed for time and all eternity.
I'm very blessed to have him, he's been so supportive and loving. I couldn't ask for a better husband.

The kids really want to go into the temple also. They can't wait till they're big enough to go.

I remember waiting on the temple grounds in Salt Lake while my parents went to the temple. There's such a strong spirit even just sitting outside. It truly is the house of the Lord.

I have so much to be thankful for.