Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Once upon a Halloween....

Ok, I'm finally getting our Halloween pictures put up.
Here's Faith, she wanted to be "A bear named Sleeping Beauty"
Her Fried Autumn is Snow White.
 The only thing Gracie wanted to be was Natiri from Avatar.  We were excited to find these costumes online in August... What I didn't expect was for Gracie to grow so much that her costume gave her high waters by Halloween!

 TJ LOVED his Harry Potter costume!  He just finished reading the last book in the Harry Potter series, and he's a pretty big fan.  I think he looks absolutely ADORABLE!

Halloween Night... Dad sure did a good job with the make-up didn't he?


Sunday, November 28, 2010


 Brent coached the 1st through 3rd graders wrestling club this year.  He's never coached before, but he was willing to do it.  He did a great job!
Here's TJ practicing with Chala
 TJ wrestled Colton at the wrestling Exhibition.  Sadly Colton scored more points.  You can see the tears in TJ's eyes.  Wrestling takes a lot of heart, and it breaks your heart when you loose. 
You did a good job buddy!
 Brent helping the kids with their teeny tiny .22 cricket.  (cute huh!?)
 10/19/19  This was our 1st day of snow up here. 
Brent was still able to get some pic's for the Christmas card. Good job babe!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Stuff that happened in September...

 Gracie in her Dad's trooper hat.  Pretty stinkin cute!  She lost her first tooth in August... she was SOOOO excited!
 "Mooah Tea Deaaa?"  Faith and her friend Autumn having the cutest little tea party you've ever seen, complete with rich sounding accents.

TJ and Gracie went hiking with Brent.  I think they were trying to find a brown bear.
Gracie learned that she can do a lot of pull ups... and climb just about anything!
 On Sept. 11, 2010 TJ participated in his 1st cross country race. 
Here are the little kids waiting to run the last mile of the community race which was 3 miles I believe.  TJ was sooooo excited!
 His Dad told him he could have 2,000 points toward his wii if he ran the whole mile without stopping. (He has to earn 300,00 points to get his wii.) 
He did such a good job!  He wasn't 1st place out of the little guys but he beat a lot of kids that were older than him.  His number 32 is overall the adults and kids all came in and got numbered together.

This is TJ with his friend Kanai (orange shirt)  he was in TJ's 1st grade class.  In the blue shirt is Challa he is Kanai's brother and is in the 2nd grade class TJ is in now that he got moved up into 2nd grade homeroom.

Brent's Moose with a 62" rack... (Sept 10, 2010)

 A dream come true for Brent, there's a limit on moose here in Unalakleet and he had already helped a friend get one.  
 He was out hunting with his friend Allen and they were just about to call it a night when Brent spotted two bulls fighting. 
 He watched them fight for a long time before they stopped to rest, that's when he shot this one.

It's so big he couldn't get his legs around the midsection, he's actually straddling the neck.  We only kept the neck and one quarter.  Allen and his wife Myrna were able to give the rest to elders and single wives in the village.  One moose feeds a lot of people up here, and beef is too expensive. 
This moose was a blessing in a lot of ways and we're very thankful for it. 
Brent's friend from the village mounted the moose rack for Brent, he's really excited. 
How would you like to be attacked by one of those things...?  Yikes!

The Bohan's visit from the Lower 48

 In August we were so EXCITED to have Brent's sister Patty and her little family visit us in Unalakleet.   This was a big deal to us because it was the first time we met the girls Emerson and Carson. 
Here's a proud Uncle Brent with little baby Carson. 
 All the cousins trying to get a really great picture together. :) 
 In the log house that Brent built.  
This is one Brent's creations he built over the summer.  The kids wanted to go to the play house and show Brad and Patty.   
Emerson loved it, she played and played in there.
 Brent helping TJ, hold Carson... look at that little baby's smile.  What a doll!
 Yea! girl cousins!
 Playing Settler's.  We spent a lot of time playing family games.  I loved it!
 "Smile Carson!" says TJ. 
Brad really is a good Dad he took great care of his little girls.
 Patty and with baby Carson, a happy mom and a happy baby.
 Carson with Gracie... what beautiful girls!
 A view of the cemetery from our house. 
 A view of the bear skull Brent buried in the field by our house.... so nature could take it's course.  When it was finished er, decomposing.  He brought it in and bleached it.  Then he wanted it to look shiny so I introduced him to mod podge... now we have a bear skull in the house.   That's called crafting Alaska style.  

 I sure loved spending time with my little nieces.  I got to watch them while Brad and Patty went fishing and exploring with Brent.  I LOVED it!  There's just never enough time to spend with them. 

 Brent used his days off to grow a long beard.  Patty's a hair dresser so we found a funny facial due and Patty went to work.  Isn't it fun to have sisters around so we can play dress up?
Nice hair Em!  

Thanks to Brad and Patty for making the trip up to see us!   We had such an awesome time and the memories will be ones we cherish.