Thursday, September 6, 2012

July in Saint Mary's

Something for everyone. 
Gracie loves climbing to the top of the pole at the
school playground

TJ found that there are a few rare day's up here where it's
"hot out" even though we're not in Hawaii.

There aren't any gecko's to catch.  But  Gracie will alway's find something!
Yes, this is a real sign, it's not the only one standing in a barrell. 
The  pase is much slower here, and things are simpler.
Happy 4th of July!
It wasn't a warm day, but it was a good one.
Hope declared her Independance by taking her 1st step.
We walked all over the village trying to find the start of the parade.
Come to find out we could have just stayed at the house and it would have
passed us twice.
Did I mention things are simpler here?  Very small parade without any
traditional floats.  Just some vehicles and 4-wheelers and
a whole bunch of candy!
Gracie doesn't look like she should be able to hold Hope
but she packs her around all the time.

Heading up the hill to  watch the parade pass by again.
(and hopefully get more candy.)
Everywhere you go in Saint Mary's is either up or down hill.
This local dwelling has a great village of the Andreafsky River. 
I just hope it doesn't fall down the hill.

The barge brings supplies (and hopefully soon our truck) up the river.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back in Alaska June 2012

Saint Mary's Alaska
Life doesn't always work out the way you expect.  I certainly never expected to be living back in Bush Alaska.  But if I have to come back, it's nice to be in a village as beautiful as Saint Mary's.
Saint Mary's cemetery, over looking the Andreafsky River
some familiar flowers to welcome us home
fireweed buds mark the beginning of summer
It's not Hawaii, but the kids managed shorts on hot days.  (This is not our dog.  But the kids sure wish it was!)