Sunday, October 25, 2009

Some cute stories about Gracie....

It's going to be hard to leave some of our friends in Kenai. When Becky told Gracie's best friend Morgyn that we will be leaving, Morgyn got really sad and asked if we were taking Gracie too.... Sorry Morgyn, we do want Gracie to come with us.
What does this look like too you? What would it look like if you were 4 years old? Watch the video below.

What TJ's been up to...

In August right before starting Kindergarten, TJ tripped and hit his head on an open drawer, resulting in his first stitches.
I know he looks sad, I kept trying to get him to smile. But he said this is how people look when they have to get stitches.

He's smiling here, because this is how people look when they get balloons from the Dr. in the E.R.
TJ was a trooper, he didn't cry in the E.R. or at home when Dad removed the stitches. (He's such a good boy!)
Here's TJ on his long awaited 1st day of school. He could not have been more excited!
TJ in Mrs. Bryson's Kindergarten class.
Work can be tiring. TJ earns 2 cents a page for reading chapter books. He dozed off while working his way through this one.

Playing hide-and-go-seek with Dad.

Looking forward to Halloween....

The kids are so excited for Halloween this year. I've had their costumes for a month, but they don't get to wear them until Halloween. I think they look pretty cute. Gracie is an Angel.

Faith is a little lady bug.... and she's speeding! Or "peeding" if you listen closely. We're still working on those S's.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Unalakleet, Why we're moving & How I feel about it.

We've just found out that we're going to be moving to Unalakleet AK. A little bush village with a population of 747 people.
(This is a picture I found online. The photographer has pictures of the landscape and the community. They are reassuring and make me feel happier about the move. You can follow this link to see more.

Even when we were kids riding on the school bus together, Brent would tell me how awesome he thought it would be to live in a remote cabin in Alaska and have groceries flown in once a month. I've always thought it was a terrifying idea and have told him that on countless occasions.

I definitely haven't changed my mind, I still think he's crazy. But I'm finding, the older I get the less willing I am to allow my selfish fears to crush his hopes and dreams. So when he told me about Unalakleet, and said he wanted to put in for a transfer. I told him I would pray about it. The answer came, a quiet calming yes.

So he put in his bid, and we settled down to wait. For the past two months as I've studied the scriptures and attended to my church callings, I have felt impressed by stories of those early saints who packed what they could into a handcart and walked 1,000 miles to the Salt Lake Valley. I've also been struck by the lessons in 1st Nephi, showing how Lehi and his family were blessed in their journey to the promised land only as long as they were righteous and refrained from murmuring. It is a testament to a loving Heavenly Father, that he would have provided me with these examples of strength and guidance before I even found out that I was in need of them.

Normally I know I would complain. I would think it much too hard to leave this place that has become my home, and these friends that have become my family. I would go, to please Brent, but it would have seemed much too hard. But how can I doubt, or think my lot is hard? Tis not so all is right. ;)

I'm very Thankful for the guidance of a loving Heavenly Father, through HIM all things are possible.